The new Duncan 545: The comfortable solution to camping conflicts

New compact camper with adjustable roof ● Corner kitchen in the rear ● Washroom with shower/WC ● Sliding two-seater bench ● Roof opens to the rear ● Bed with slatted frame

Do you think comfort and compact campers don’t fit together? Well think again: the new Duncan 545 brings together a modular seating group, a kitchen and a washroom in a compact chassis and under a folding roof.
This is based on a floor plan with a corner kitchen in the rear, adjoining the washroom with WC and integrated shower on the opposite side.
The new Duncan 545: The comfortable solution to camping conflictsComfort is key: with its sliding two-seater bench, the seating group including modular table can be used in a variety of ways and is easy to handle. The adjustable roof which opens towards the rear provides generous headroom far into the kitchen and bathroom area. On the passenger side, the kitchen complete with sink and 2-ring hob is positioned directly at the entrance. The refrigerator with additional work surface and extra storage space are located in the centre of the rear section. On the driver’s side in the rear is the washroom with WC, washbasin and shower fittings. Adjacent to this is a wardrobe designed as a hanging cabinet. The seat bench, which can be converted into a folding bed, can be pushed into the space between the storage box and the wardrobe. With a length of 1.82 m, it reaches up to the front seats. Thanks to the diesel heating system, the Duncan 545 remains comfortable and can be used flexibly even in the winter months.
In their design, the Duncan 545 and the Duncan 495 together form the compact class of Karmann-Mobil vans which is built on the Ford Transit Custom and was newly introduced in 2021. The 545 is based on the version with a longer wheelbase, but this too is also only 2.08 m wide and 2.08 m high. In terms of features, Karmann-Mobil offers the all-inclusive package “No Limits”, which includes all important options. With an air-conditioning system, parking sensors, Bluetooth connection and heated seats for the driver and front passenger, the features of the new compact camper are in no way inferior to those of an upmarket car. Four USB ports, three power sockets and two TV connections complete the comfort features. Discreet LED lighting provides the interior with bright light.

In the adjustable roof, there is a mattress laid on a slatted frame, which provides a sleeping area of 1.82 x 1.20 m for a relaxing night’s sleep.
Close to a car van, but even closer to a campervan, the Duncan 545 is ideally suited to campers who want to enjoy the on-board comfort on their trip without having to miss out on the easy handling of a compact van chassis in everyday life.

The price for the new Duncan 545 will be announced at the Caravan Salon at the beginning of the next season.

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