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Packages for our campervans

Equipment and packages

You alone decide where your journey will take you. And, of course, that decision also includes the equipment.

A campervan that matches your tastes in every detail? We can do that for you. Take a moment and let your personal preferences determine where else you want to go. We have a range of options and countless combinations for you to choose from. The result is a suitably personalised design and, more importantly, one that entirely matches your tastes.


  • 140 HP FIAT motor
  • 35 L chassis
  • 16" aluminium rims
  • Isofix (excluding 540)
  • 4KW heating
  • 90 litre fuel tank
  • Lanzarote Grey paintwork
  • Driver cab seats with armrests
  • Dimming system
  • Awning
  • Multimedia preparation incl. rear-view camera
  • Midi-Heki
  • DAB antenna
  • Table extension
  • Seat covers for DC seats
  • Mesh door screen
  • Electr. exterior mirrors
  • Electr. step
  • External lighting
  • Winter package (insulated + heated waste water tank, insulated water pipes in the exterior)
Special Edition


  • 120 HP motor
  • 35 L chassis
  • Isofix (excluding 540)
  • 4KW heating
  • Stylish, bright interior features with textile appliqués
  • LED ambient lighting
  • Mineral kitchen worktop
  • Metallic look logo trim in the kitchen unit
  • Folding table top
  • Additional wall unit above the rear doors (for DA 590/620)
  • Side storage compartment in the kitchen unit (for DA 590/591/620/630)
  • Window on left side in the rear (for DA 590/620/630)
  • Body-flush frame windows

Concept Package*

  • 140 HP FIAT motor
  • Traction + hill descent control icl. all-weather tyres
  • Electric step
  • Steering wheel controls
  • 90 litre fuel tank
  • External lighting
  • Painted front bumper
  • Black radiator grille
  • Dimming system for the driver’s cab
  • Mesh door screen
  • Leather steering wheel and gearshift knob

NO LIMITS Package**

  • FORD VISION + package with: Electrically adjustable folding external mirrors Automatic dimming Rain sensor in the front Windscreen can be heated Fill level display for the windscreen wiper system
  • 130 HP motor
  • 16" aluminium rims
  • Parking assistance/reversing sensor
  • Fog lights
  • Seat heating for driver and passenger seat
  • Sliding 2-seater rear bench, can be converted into a bed (DU 545: 2-Sitzer)
  • Painted front bumper
  • Ford Custom multimedia package Ford incl. DAB
  • External shower


  • Framed windows
  • Electric step
  • Heated waste water tank
  • Lithium battery & DC-DC chargers
  • Fog lights
  • Midi-Heki
  • Isofix (only DE 560 4x4)
  • Carpet in the driver's cab
  • Window in toilet room
  • Painted bumpers
  • Manual air-conditioning system
  • 4 kW heating
  • Remis front darkening system in the driver's cab
  • External lighting


  • Emergency breaking and lane depature assistant
  • Rain and light sensor

* Available for Davis Lifestyle and Dexter, not available for Davis Trendstyle and Dexter 4×4
** Available for Duncan
*** Available for Dexter 560 4×4, 570 4×4
**** Available for Davis and Dexter Fiat


Polster Savona


Series Davis

Polster Asti


Series Dexter

Polster Trient


Series Duncan

Polster Noli


Option Davis Lifestyle

Polster palermo


Option Dexter


Lackierung Lanzarote Grey

Lanzarote Grey

Lackierung Chrome Blue

Chrome Blue

Lackierung Expedition Grey

Expedition Grey

Lackierung Schwarz


Lackierung Silber


Lackierung Iron Grey

Iron Grey


Lackierung Orange Glow

Orange Glow

Only Duncan

Lackierung Abyss Blue

Abyss Blue

Only Duncan

Lackierung Azur Blue

Azur Blue

Only Duncan

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