Dexter 560 4x4 & Dexter 570 4x4

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The real adventure begins where the roads turn into paths.

The rocky routes often lead to the most wonderful places. Sometimes they are not even asphalted and in bad weather often hardly accessible with an ordinary motorhome. A simple task for the Dexter 560 4×4 and the Dexter 570 4×4. With its indestructible all-wheel drive, it guides you safely through difficult terrain and opens up many new ways to enjoy your holiday. Thanks to a towing capacity of up to 2.8 tonnes, you can also take  heavier sports trailers with you on your journey.

The furnishings are  correspondingly lavish. With a fully equipped kitchen, washroom with a shower and a toilet, comfortable single beds, a modular seating area and a metre-long storage space in the rear, it‘s easy to feel comfortable in the Dexter 570 4×4. Even if it‘s bitterly cold outside. Thanks to efficient insulation and a powerful heating system, your motorhome will remain cosy all year round. You don‘t even have to be on holiday. The Dexter 570 4×4 is also fun to use every day due to its compact dimensions and features.


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Dexter 4x4 Highlights

  • EcoBlue engines up to 170 HP
  • Strong all-wheel drive
  • Versatile storage options
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • 5 years warranty
  • Trailer load of up to 2.8 tonnes

Dexter 570 4x4

With the Dexter 570 4×4 you don't have to drive over gravel, through mud or over hill and dale. You don't have to go on holiday in the deep winter either - but you can. Enjoy every meter of road and the freedom to stray from the path. If it's up to your motorhome, things can get a little rougher from time to time. With its sequential all-wheel drive, it is up for any adventure. The equipment of our Dexter 570 4x4 is correspondingly lavish. Fully-fledged kitchen, washroom with shower and toilet, comfortable single beds, modular seating area, meters of Dexter 570 4x4 see-through storage space in the rear – it can be endured in the Dexter 570 4×4. By the way, even when it's bitterly cold outside. Thanks to efficient insulation and powerful heating, which makes your motorhome a pleasure all year round.

Dexter 560 4x4

All-wheel drive, slippery, gravel. Do you associate these words with comfort and upscale features? Probably not, but you could. After all, the Dexter 560 4x4 combines the best of both worlds in the most individual way. At just under 6 metres in length, you can expect a comfortable seating area for four, a large refrigerator with access from the outside and inside, a toilet with a shower and loads of other comforts. With this equipment and all-wheel drive, you can go anywhere comfortably. At any time of the year. Thanks to efficient insulation and powerful diesel heating, the Dexter 560 4x4 is also an ideal base camp in winter. Before you continue your journey far from the eaten path.

Dexter 4x4 Floor Plans 2023:

Karmann-Mobil Dexter 560 4x4 Grundriss

Dexter 560 4x4

Karmann-Mobil Dexter 570 4x4 Grundriss

Dexter 570 4x4

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