The Davis: now the sky’s the limit

In the Davis series, which has been completely redesigned for the current season, Karmann-Mobil is really upping the pace for the new travel season too. In terms of furniture design, the wall units are now integrated seamlessly throughout into the driver’s cab. The simultaneous removal of a storage compartment in the passageway to the driver’s cab means that the Davis looks even more spacious. As part of the optional Lifestyle features package, the roof expansion also has a large, panoramic Sky Roof window that offers an unobstructed view of the sky. The large panoramic roof also bathes the interior in daylight.
The interior has been given another upgrade in the Lifestyle package, thanks to a fabric-covered rear wall panel, a large rear window on the driver’s side on the DA 590, 600 and 620, and a folding table top with concealed hinges. Karmann-Mobil is also responding to customers’ progressive demands with the use of the Truma diesel heating system as standard, which significantly prolongs the service life of the gas canisters on board. The Truma gas heating system can also optionally remain in the model range.
For a simpler overview of the models available, Karmann-Mobil is reconfiguring the Davis model range by redesigning the Davis 590 with a large refrigerator – previously available as an optional version – to bear the independent designation Davis 591, and the version with a bunk bed is now known as the Davis 592.
On the Davis series, the new 140 HP motors with Euro 6 D Temp are used as standard, allowing customers to experience a tangible upgrade in this aspect too.

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