Final sprint for re-construction work on the Motor Home Forum

A new brand world is being created ● 3,000 sqm of exhibition space ● Space for more than 50 motor homes from seven brands ● Brand-independent venue for all motor home enthusiasts ● Spare-parts store in the basement ● New reception area with express service in the customer service centre ● Investment volume of 7 million euros

The new re-construction of the Motor Home Forum in Sprendlingen is nearing completion and will be opened from 01. October 2020. Unfortunately, there will be no opening ceremony due to the corona requirements.

The 3,000 square metre exhibition hall located directly opposite the Eura Mobil production facility represents the new brand world of the Trigano Haus sales organisation in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Motor Home Forum, we will be presenting not only the products of Eura Mobil, Karmann-Mobil and Forster in a representative selection, but also the motor homes of our sister brands Benimar, Challenger, Roller Team and Mobilvetta. More than 50 motor homes can be accommodated in the modern glass hall with its striking red entrance cube. The Forum thus presents itself as an appealing location for all interested parties who want to experience the brands of the Trigano Group under one roof, regardless of trade fair dates.

An attractive reception area, deliberately designed using the natural building material wood as a cosy contrast to the functional exhibition area, invites visitors to linger. In addition to its function as an exhibition world, the Motor Home Forum will also be a brand-independent venue for clubs, travel groups and interested visitors from Germany and abroad. Events organised by the company or Group itself will also be organised by their client advisors. As there will be no vehicle sales in the Motor Home Forum, the Forum staff can concentrate entirely on providing advice.

In the airy, up to 7.50 m high exhibition area, Eura Mobil is finding new ways to provide faster orientation and easy information. The individual brand areas can be quickly identified by a ceiling-mounted LED lighting system with individual light colours above the vehicles.  A centrally located 5 x 5 m video wall with 25 screens will use photos and videos to transport the brand spirit to the visitors at a glance. To ensure that guests enjoy their visit even in times of climate change, the entire exhibition hall is equipped with a modern air conditioning system based on a sustainable water-air heat exchanger functionality.

In addition to the presentation of the brand world and customer advice, the new Motor Home Forum fulfils other functions: For the spare parts supply of the Trigano brands in Germany, a new spare parts warehouse has been built in the basement. The 1,860 sqm of floor area means that there is sufficient space for 550 m of shelf space on three levels and 1,500 pallets.

In the new service centre in the basement, a reception area with two workshop spaces for rapid repair services has been set up. During their visit, customers can wait for the service reception in the waiting area, which is equipped with TV and a coffee maker, or take the lift directly to the exhibition level of the Forum.

The Trigano Group has invested a total of 7 million euros in the new building.

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