Duncan: Always on the move to freedom

New mini-van with adjustable roof ● Ultra-compact dimensions ● Automotive interior ● Easy handling ● Everyday van for spontaneous leisure activities ● Modular bench ● Variable interior ● Fascinatingly flexible in leisure, work and everyday life ● Comfort features ● Complete travel equipment 

In a sense, the new Duncan reverses the traditional priorities of motorhome understanding more consistently than any other van from Karmann-Mobil. With ultra-compact dimensions of 4.98 m in length and 1.99 m in width, as well as automotive fittings with many safety and connectivity features, the data sheet alone puts everyday life front and centre in the Duncan’s mobile life. This is even more evident in the ultra-flexible interior. The three-seater bench can be moved or even removed in a few easy steps, the table for hanging up is hidden in the sliding door, the adjustable roof lies extremely flat on the body, so that with a height of 2.08 m there are even some modern car parks that are usable for the Duncan.
Configured and constructed in this way, the Ford Custom-based Duncan plays to its strengths first as the companion for the self-employed in a professional environment, as the backpacker in the family and as the team bus for sport and leisure. The comfort features are in no way inferior to those of an upmarket car.

And yet the Duncan is ready to seize any real travel opportunity. The Duncan provides the right arguments for every spontaneous weekend tour idea, just as it does for a long-planned active holiday: with its superior engine of up to 170 HP and raised seating position, the Duncan cruises long distances in just the same relaxed manner as it handles everyday tasks dynamically. Inside, the Duncan proves to be a real travel pro for lovers of pure caravanning freedom. Kitchen with cooker and sink, refrigerator, storage cupboards and the table to hang or set up in front of the vehicle are as natural as they are inconspicuous on board. The bench can be folded down in an instant to create another reclining surface or pushed far forward to stow leisure luggage. But the showpiece is the adjustable roof, easily unfolded thanks to gas-pressure damper support. With spring plates under the mattress, it is just as comfortable to lie down as it is to settle down with a book with the two reading lamps – of course, thanks to mosquito mesh openings, it is just as airy as it is effectively protected from pests.
The Duncan is in keeping with the modern spirit of the times in the living area alone with three USB ports, three sockets and two TV connections. Discreet rod LED lights bring light into the interior. And even for the cooler seasons, the Duncan has plenty of leisure qualities: a body with insulated walls and the 2 KW diesel heater provide unimagined leisure possibilities – and ideal day-to-day properties. Which brings us full circle from the Duncan leisure vehicle to the multifunctional everyday vehicle with a lifestyle character – because thanks to unusual paint finishes and stylish accessories such as rally stripes on the bonnet, the youngest member of the Karmann-Mobil family can mimic the sporty van or the elegant business saloon car as required.

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