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Karmann-Mobil campers - the choice is yours!

Your vacation! As active and comfortable as you want

Campers are freedom, everyday vehicles and a place of retreat all in one – so it is all the more important to find exactly the right one.

Find out which motor home you want to discover the world in – and in which bed you want to dream about it. Then the perfect vehicle for travelling in is near, and there’s nothing to stop you setting off on a journey of a lifetime. We’d be happy to help you make your decision, and we’ll show you the almost endless possible features you can have.

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Virtueller Wohnmobil Messestand Caravan Salon 2022
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Virtual Exhibition

You could not visit the Caravan Salon 2023? Come to our booth anyway: Experience our Karmann-Mobil booth again from the comfort of your own home at the Caravan Salon in

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Our entire portfolio of products comes at a fair price. Our campers are affordable for even smaller budgets.

Tried-and-tested technology

Our campers are based on Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit models – we don’t mess around.

Top comfort

Our campers have many seating options and up to 5 sleeping areas, plus a kitchen and toilets – so you don’t have to miss out on comfort in any way.

Top features

As well as the generous fittings as standard in our box vans, we also offer a range of special features – from dimmer systems to powerful 180 HP engines.


Karmann fabrique des camping-cars depuis 1977. Wilhelm Karmann découvrit l’inspiration pour son premier camping-car en Afrique du Sud. Les camping-cars T2 furent suivis par les modèles basés sur un châssis Mercedes. En parallèle, Wilhelm Karmann développait sa propre caravane. Le Postillion existe en deux modèles : Le Postillion 4500 et le Postillion 5000. Mais le point fort restait le secteur des moteurs. C’est pourquoi la production de caravanes fut relancée après quelques années. Eura Mobil racheta l’entreprise Karmann-Mobil en 2000. Karman-Mobil continue son activité en tant qu’entreprise indépendante au sein du groupe Eura Mobil. En 2011, Karmann lança une large campagne de produits dans le secteur des fourgons.

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