Leak test in times of the corona pandemic

Extension for registration of annual inspection (leak test):

The concern about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a concern for all of us and restricts our normal lives and also your range of movement.

In order not to endanger you unnecessarily, we have adapted the conditions for the registration of the leak test.

Due to our warranty conditions the leak test has to be registered in accordance with our respective deadlines. The annually deadline begins with the date of first registration. For the registration of the leak test we actually grant a deadline for registration of totally 5 month (earliest 3 month before the date of registration and 2 month after this deadline).

Because of the Corona Pandemic, we are immediately extending the registration deadlines for all leak tests due between 16th March 2020 and 16th June 2020 by an initial total of three months. After the expiry of this exception, our regular conditions for 10 years warranty  will apply again.

Your Karmann-Mobil Team

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