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Karmann-Mobil Convention 2018 in Borlefzen

Jörg Behrens from Vlotho is a Board Member of the Karmann-Mobil Club and himself a passionate camper. From 08th – 10th June 2018, he is inviting Karmann-Mobil enthusiasts to the convention in Borlefzen.

It is a convention for all drivers and lovers of motor homes from the Karmann-Mobil brand both at home and abroad. Old or young. Second-hand or new. VW, Mercedes, Fort, Fiat or any other base vehicle. Everyone is very welcome to come along to a relaxed weekend and talk shop, or simply to have fun and make friends with other like-minded people.

The meeting point is the beautiful Weser mountain region, directly on the River Weser and a wonderful bathing lake.

More information can be found here: https://karmann-mobil-treffen.jimdo.com/

While travelling with our motor home, we always seem to meet other Karmann drivers from Germany. This gave me the idea of inviting people to this convention via Facebook. Jörg Behrens
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