Davis: The eye travels with you

Of course, a motorhome should above all be reliable, safe and practical. But why shouldn’t it also look extremely stylish? If you look at the Davis like that, your vacation can only be nice. With its emphatically bright interior, high-gloss surfaces and a multitude of elegant equipment details, the motorhome is a complete work of art. An extremely practical one, however.

In the 2022 season, our Davis will be available in 2 versions: Trendstyle and Lifestyle:

Davis Trendstyle

“the All-Inclusive-Van”

The new Davis trend style is tailored to special requirements. The brand new interior design is exceptional through and through. It surprises with a textile microfibre look that is unparalleled in the camper area. The upholstery in stylish coffee / cappuccino colors, which rounds off the harmonious overall impression in the spacious interior, is also refreshingly unseen. Outside then the same picture. Style wherever you look. Starting with the new trend color Lanzarote and going through black aluminum wheels to the dark-tinted windows. By the way, everything comes as standard, just like the rest of the consistently great equipment. Typically Karmann-Mobil.

The Trendstyle special edition is available for Davis 540, 590, 591 and 620.

  • Davis Trendstyle Ausstattung:
    • 140 HP FIAT engine (optional 160 HP)
    • 35L chassis
    • Aluminum rims 16 ”black
    • Passenger airbag
    • Cruise control
    • Isofix
    • Air conditioning cab
    • Combi D4 heating
    • 90 liter fuel tank
    • Painting Lanzarote Grey
    • Cab seats with armrests
    • Blackout system
    • Awning
    • Midi-Heki
    • Multimedia preparation
    • DAB
    • Table extension
    • Seat covers
    • Mosquito screen door
    • Electric mirrors
    • Electric step
    • Outdoor lighting

Our Davis Trendstyle floor plans:

Davis Lifestyle

“the elegant Van”

The Davis Lifestyle equipment actually goes one better in terms of elegance, space gain and comfort. With an interior that is second to none. A kitchen block in white, the additional ambient lighting, fine chrome applications here, indirect LED lighting there – style fills the entire space, which is even enlarged thanks to cleverly integrated storage compartments. It really doesn’t get any better – but sunnier. With the optional skyroof panorama roof you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky. Sun day, stars at night and plenty of natural light inside at all times, creating a completely new feeling of space. Do you fancy a lot of freedom on a holiday on the sunny side?

  • Davis Lifestyle Ausstattung:
    • 120 hp engine
    • 35L chassis
    • Passenger airbag
    • Cruise control
    • Isofix
    • Air conditioning cab
    • Combi D4 heating
    • elegant, light interior with textile applications
    • LED ambient lighting
    • Kitchen worktop made of mineral material
    • Additional Upper cabinet over rear doors (for DA 590/592/600/620)
    • foldable table top
    • Logo cover in metal look on the kitchen block
    • Side storage compartment on the kitchen block (for DA 590/591/592/620/630)
    • Window on the left in the rear (for DA 590/592/620/630)
    • Frame windows flush with the body

Our Davis Lifestyle floor plans:

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